Riveted Pony Cover in Bronze Cuff & Stick with Silver Rivets


Last one - don't miss out!

The Riveted Pony Cover features a pliable band of bronze, studded with sterling silver. The band wraps effortlessly around a ponytail of any size and is secured in place with a hand-hammered bronze stick. The trick? Use any type of hairband, wrap the cover around the band, and anchor the stick through, or above the hairband. This indispensable little bauble will have you out of the house and looking good in 5.  You're welcome 😉.

The bronze will patina over time, but can be brightened with a quick dip in some (white) vinegar if you prefer the more golden tone. 

  • Bronze cuff & stick with silver rivets.
  • 1 1/2" diameter, adjustable, 1 1/8" W, 3" L stick.
  • SKU: 72720

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