At the good collective, jewelry is more than fashion; it's your armor. Designed to make you feel good, each small talisman reminding you of a special person, place, or time. Our journey began in 2016 with a passion for designing beautiful jewelry, reducing our environmental impact, and enjoying what we do.

All designs start in our Northern California studio, behind the “Redwood Curtain” where the natural beauty is awe inspiring. We meld classic smithing techniques with unexpected cuts and finishes, resulting in jewelry as distinctive as the person who wears it. Our jewelry is lovingly produced in small batches by a global network of artisans and craftspeople. We venture out to visit our silversmiths and artisans seasonally, seeking new stones, materials, and, of course, a healthy dose of adventure.

the good collective's commitment extends beyond making beautiful jewelry – sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We've made significant strides in recent years, but we continue to focus on evolving our business model to reduce the resources we use in our business processes and tread a little lighter. Here is what we have accomplished so far:

  • The production of smaller, more efficient catalogs. This reduces our paper consumption by 40% annually, equating to 17.5 tons of paper (or two Olympic pools of water, 300 trees, and 17,000 kWh of energy.)
  • 80% reduction in the use of disposable plastic bags. Our process previously required that each piece of jewelry was re-packaged 2-3 times before making it to the customer. Our jewelry is now master packed when it is shipped to us & stored in sealed, reusable containers until it is shipped to our customers. This change alone diverts over 500,000 plastic bags from landfills and oceans annually.
  • We are currently sourcing biodegradable substitutes for the remaining plastic materials still required for the packaging of our products.
  • the good collective is a proud memeber of The Conservation Alliance. The Conservation Alliance was founded in 1989 by industry leaders Kelty, Patagonia, REI, and The North Face to increase support for conservation efforts. The founders believed that cooperation among businesses was the most effective way to make the biggest impact. Today, 270 member companies invest in a common vision of protecting wild places and outdoor spaces through community-focused grantmaking. Through the support of its members, The Conservation Alliance has contributed over $31.9 million to grassroots conservation groups, which has helped protect more than 82 million acres of wildlands, protected 4,570 miles of rivers, stopped or removed 38 dams, designated five marine reserves, and purchased 22 climbing areas.

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